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Art Options

Instructor Led

  • Everyone paints the same thing together.
  • Artist provides step-by-step instruction.
  • Painting/Project is pre-determined. You can choose own color schemes.
  • Class duration is 2.5 - 3 hours
  • No prior experience required. Ideal for any skill level. 

DIY ~ Craft & Create

  • Perrysburg Studio Only
  • OPEN STUDIO = Self guided 
  • Artist led if same project for all.
  • Choose from a rotation of 10 projects. Instruction sheets & visual references included. 
  • Projects range from 2 - 3 hours
  • No prior experience required. Ideal for any skill level. 

Pick Your Own Painting

  • Self-guided. Paint at your own pace.
  • Artist assisted
  • Choose from over 50 patterns. Instruction sheets & visual references included.
  • Projects range from 1.5 - 3 hours
  • No prior experience required. Ideal for any skill level

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Be the color in a black & white world!

Art Classes in Toledo We know a blank canvas can be very intimidating!  Uncork the Artist's mission is to connect with the community by providing an outlet to ignite, inspire and foster creativity. Our Artists are reputable for being the most skillful, patient and personable; ensuring you are at peace with your masterpiece.  We have a multitude of paintings and  projects designed for the novice or for those with prior experience.  Our designs are simple enough to feel accomplished but complex enough to be interesting. Everyone is successful. 

What people are saying...

Jenn Losek

"I've been here 5 times and each time my paintings get better and better!!! The staff is amazing and they are SO helpful and friendly!! I always have a great time with lots of laughs and quality time with friends and family! This is such a great activity to do to get away, relax and have fun!!"


"Best in Toledo! The teachers are great! It's a fun atmosphere ! You can go as group and I would even go solo! I will definitely be back, I have tried a couple other places and this is my favorite!"

Nikole Smith

"Addicted! Great instructors and great time overall. Been to other paint nights and Uncork the Artist is by far the best experience. Especially for the newbie painters. Great job!"


"Amazing customer service and everyone is so nice and friendly! The classes are easy for beginners and the teachers are so helpful. The classes are a great way to spend time with friends and family and you walk away with something to decorate your home! Definitely worth every penny!"

Gena Walther-Bzovi

"With all the tragedy we have been through, we needed a date night that took our minds off of reality for a moment and the instructor did just that for us. We were able to have fun enjoy everyone in the class and most of all bring home a beautiful masterpiece. This was very therapeutic and highly recommend for anyone going through a tough time in your life. They give you a time to put your hurt into art. Thanks so much for making our night wonderful! "

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Don't wait around for something you like to pop up on the calendar...YOU CAN CHOOSE! This includes picking dates for open classes on the upcoming calendar.  We will also design any project for you at no extra charge. We LOVE requests! 

We teach during the day.  To receive a quicker response, please contact us with your art party goals via this forum.  You may also share suggestions or constructive feedback regarding your experience here to be directly shared with the owner. 

Uncork the Artist

(419) 283-2484